1. Pulaski grief in His and Hers flannel
    Flannel Walk With Me: Flannel, Twin Peaks Style

  3. Just generally doin some fixin in flannel awww yee
    Flannel Walk With Me: Twin Peaks Check Shirts, Check It Out

  5. Big Ed ponders in red and blue check
    Flannel Walk With Me: Twin Peaks Flannel

  6. OK so not a check shirt but Coop’s boxers are check so shhhh
    Flannel Walk With Me: Twin Peaks Flannel and Check


  7. This blog has been inactive for too long. It’s because I’ve not actually got any more screen caps, I’ve been recycling caps on Knit Peaks or use ones I’ve not used before. But once I have finished season 1 of The X Files I shall return to Twin Peaks after a three month break and unleash a brand new torrential resource of instances of checked flannel shirt wearing in Twin Peaks, or, to a lesser extent, check in general.
    What I might do before I start the series from the beginning is watch Fire Walk With Me. Usually I end the series by watching it, it makes me more reflective and perceptive of things that I have just seen. But this time I shall try it out in chronological order.

    Flannel Walk With Me: Twin Peaks Flannel

  9. Pete Martell is the Prince of Flannel Walk With Me (to Ed Hurley’s King). Although maybe they can be joint royalty, I dunno.¬†
    Flannel Walk With Me: Twin Peaks Check and Plaid and Flannel and Stuff

  10. I often think to myself how did Eric Da Re get a part in Twin Peaks like his acting is pretty terrible especially in the early episodes but then I found out his mother did the casting so yano.

    Flannel Walk With Me: Leo May Be A Evil Bastard But That Is A Fine Shirt